Review the Best New Bingo Sites to Launch This Year

We saw a tonne of the best new bingo sites rise from ashes in 2017. If you are excited for the ones in the UK, we have thoughtfully ranked them for you. Continue reading to find out the top-rated suggestions on where to get amazing rewards and bonuses, play fun games, and find new friends.

It can be very hard to find the websites that are worthy of your money, time and most importantly passion. However, you should not be worried, since we are here to help.

There is no need to mention that bingo is not only a way to pass the time anymore. It has turned into a social activity. That is why we have decided to make a selection of entirely new websites based mainly on their bonuses and games. It is almost impossible to find a site that fulfils each and every one of your requirements. That is why you feel so special when you find one. This is the main reason we decided to prepare this article. It will aid you when finding new bingo sites with bonus, massive jackpots and incredible games.

You should not stick to the same old sites, it will become boring. Spice up your life a little. This will bring some thrill to your experience. Here are the top ten brand new bingo sites in the uk that you simply have to check out. You can find reviews of all the newest bingo sites on our website.

Licensing and Regulatory Changes

The Autumn of 2014 saw a huge shakeup of the gambling industry in the UK, particularly with the regulation of the online operators, since all of the sites were required to have a license from the UKGC for the first time.

More changes came up in 2015 concerning responsible gaming. During that October, every site was asked to provide a self-exclusion method to stop the access to a website straight away. There are also more plans to implement such a register where you can exclude yourself from every website in the industry in one click. We welcome this with open arms since we are committed to safe gambling practices, and we wish that the people who are addicted to gambling have a quick access to all of the tools they need.

Bingo Networks

Play at the latest bingo gaming networks! The dominating groups in the industry continue to be Cassava, Cozy Games and Virtue Fusion. They are continuously launching white-label sites each month, and their market share is continuing to increase.

Microgaming sites are kind of falling by the wayside, since the number of brands they launch each year is decreasing. Moreover, they have not had any massive marketing campaigns to boost their existing equities.

Gamesys continue to grow strong with their fundamental brand Jackpotjoy.

It’s popularity obviously continues to grow. We should probably mention that its former sister site Sun Bingo has left the network and moved to Virtue Fusion. If you are part of it, you should expect some changes in the games and operation of the website.

As for the 15 Network, it has not changed much, with only a few of the latest bingo sites being launched during this year. They could not scoop a bigger part of the market share and are kind of a boutique bingo operator. However, they did manage to launch the new Wheel of Slots using Jumpman Gaming’s software. So, it might be something worth keeping an eye on.

Linked Games

Considering the fact that bingo games are becoming more and more bountiful, the players that are playing during the same time has increased quite a lot mainly because of the prevalence of linked bingo games. It is debatable if this is good for players or not. However, some of the effects are more sociable and fun atmosphere as well as increased jackpot sizes.

The Virtue Fusion sites are quite famous for offering a linked game of £5000 each and every day. However, this was diminished by the gargantuan £200,000 provided by the combined 888 UK sites. The game was a huge success, and two more will take place during this year.

Brand New Bingo Sites with No Deposit Needed

Where can you get a bingo bonus for free? A lot of the sites that we have listed above will let you get started without the requirement to make a deposit. If you are new to such offers, it simply means that you can sign up to a particular site and it will you give you a specific amount of free funds to wager on their games.

Usually, you have to verify your debit card information to stop you from creating more than one account. This probably sounds too good to be true, and in many cases, you are completely right to think so. Most of these bonuses require you to bet the amount a specific amount of times before you can withdraw it, others will state that you have to make a symbolical amount to be able to take your winnings. We recommend you to check the T&C’s before you fund your account. This is for absolutely every site, including the ones we have reviewed here.

This year has seen the predominance of such brands reduce. A lot of the brands think that any further regulatory changes might come about making welcome bonuses that do not require a deposit a to cease to exist.

Refurbished Terms and Conditions

A lot of bingo sites have refurbished their terms and conditions and withdrawal requirements. For instance, a few sites on the 15 Network decided to increase their minimum withdrawal from 30 pounds to up to 100. This made the opportunity for players to walk away with a profit much smaller. Many other sites swapped their wagering requirements to make it tougher to win.

Such moves are quite unwelcome by the larger part of the industry. Bingo websites blossom by giving users an actual chance to win money. Changes like this, make us recommend to players to always read the terms and conditions before creating an account.

Bonuses for Slots

Are there promotions for online slots? Most of the new bingo sites try to make their players play more slots. This may be because their profits from such users are higher. But you should be aware that there are many promotions for slots that certainly makes them worth your time.

This year has seen many of the new bingo sites offer exclusive slots incentives and free spins quite a lot of times. The first that comes to our mind are Lucky Pants Bingo and BGO. Both of them provide new players with spins when you register, without the need to make a deposit.

New Variations of the Game

During this year were launched a tonne of new bingo variations. A brand new game from Cozy is called Wizard of Bingo. A couple of years ago was launched Rainbow Riches, which can currently be found on every single Virtue Fusion site. Thus, if you want to check out a new type, these are some examples you can try out.

Changes to Taxation, Regulation and Laws in the UK

During this year, there will be some massive changes in how things are regulated in the United Kingdom. This is a list of the things that might change your gameplay.

Tax on Free Incentives

From this month Bingo sites are required to pay a tax for all of the free bonuses they offer. This includes all of the free bingo bonuses that we get as new users. The operator has to pay 15% the value of the bonuses to the government.

How will this Affect Me?

We might see brands giving away less free spins if this type of bonuses does not completely cease to exist. This will probably shift the brands a little, but they will most likely not stop offering them altogether.

How do the taxes affect bingo players? We predict that the small operators will feel this new tax the most since they probably will not have the funds to find the loopholes. We might see bonuses getting reduced for a small period of time on these sites, while the bigger brands try to find a way around it. This will probably change the terms around the bonuses as well, as websites try to make them harder to win from and worth less.

This effect is already crawling in since we are seeing some of the sites abolish their no-deposit bonuses. We are very sad to see those go. The good news is that most operators are adding extra features and offers to make up for it.

More Laborious Regulation on Ads

There is already a raging debate on about if bingo advertisements should be assigned to after the watershed in Britain. There is a concern that minors are watching and they might be influenced by these marketing campaigns. Their quirky mascots and bright colours are also seen as things that might appeal to kids.

During this year we might see these ads changing their hours or becoming less appealing to minors. Many people think differently of this, some of which think that parents should monitor what kids watch on TV. Those people obviously do not have children.

During the past several years, we have seen a much more responsible approach being taken by the companies. In adverts, you will see links to gambling help advice as well as bodies like GamCare. The industry body which is made up of operators who want to give their users this information is called Senet. They might see fit to add a new kind of warning in the near future.

CMA Investigates Terms & Conditions

Role of CMA regarding new bingo operators! CMA or the Competition and Markets Authority has long to go until they champion the rights of the consumer when it comes to advertising. In the last several months they have been looking into the T&C’s that are predominant on a lot of sites. They want to figure out if gaming providers are misleading their players and if their T&C’s are stringent.

They want T&C’s to be clear and non-invasive regarding players simply not being able to win from a promotion. There are many aspects that go along with this such as how hard it is for players to challenge an operator to keep their word or how difficult is for them to withdraw their winnings.

Will Brexit Affect the Best New Bingo Sites?

After the vote, it seems that all we hear is how Brexit is changing things that we have been taking for granted. The prices of petrol, holidays and foods that has vacillated up and down, but can this affect our favourite pastime as well?

Many companies and their equities are in Gibraltar. It is a UK territory outside of Spain. When Article 50 comes to life, the people living in this nation will be in a confusion. Whether it will continue to be British territory and how we are able to trade with them will be in question.

All of us have noticed the pricing change on everyday items such as Marmite that was the cause of a huge news piece when Tesco denied to stock it and increased its price.

The pound is worth much less than it used to in the last years and this might affect things such as bonuses and jackpots. Several sites removed their services in the UK market since of all of the fluctuations in the currency.

There should not be much of an issue when it comes the licensing of websites since the UK law is what is used. There are overall EU gambling guidelines, but they do not affect us that much. The details of what Brexit means are not decided yet, so this might change a lot.

It is not all gloom and doom in 2017, although these changes will probably come into effect. The bingo and gaming sectors have been around for quite a while, so several changes to taxation and laws might not have as a huge effect as we fear.

Increased Focus on Slots

Are there many slots at the new bingo sites? We do not expect to see bingo websites adding new slots as they come out. We also expect to see them:

  • Extending the range of software developers they get slots from, similar to what the Jumpman websites did in the end of last year when they started featuring NetEnt slots.
  • Offering more free spins and slot incentives as well as fewer bingo bonuses.

We anticipate this to happen at bingo sites with fewer chats since operators encourage users to entertain with slots rather than chat between games.

Increased Use of Social Media for Incentives

During 2016, there were some innovative ways to use social media to increase the engagement of players with bingo sites. The most memorable one is probably Sky Bingo’s Facebook Live quiz. Every question was on the screen for about a minute, and the players were invited to write the answer in the comments section. There was a prize draw that was between all of the players that answered correctly and the winners received bonus prizes.

Sky also had the regular Winner Wednesday promo when 10 players who commented with their chat name and the #WinnersWednesday each won a bonus of £25. Another promotion that was also run on Facebook was the Sun Bingo Bimoji incentive. The players had to guess the names of movies by visual clues. We expect to see a lot more promotions being run this way in 2017 and the continued use of social media to remind users what is happening at the bingo website.

Terms & Conditions You Should Watch out for

Read the terms before you play bingo online! The world of bingo is constantly changing. This includes a distinctive bonus tax that is on the way. This will without a doubt affect how we play, and several operators will look for ways to move around it. It might include having the user to take care of the tax by taking it off their deposit, which is certainly something that you will want to look out for.

A thing that it will be crucial to check for on the new bingo sites will be the terms. They might be different from the rest of the network and might not be what you expect at all. Then when you try to pay or withdraw, you might be in for a nasty surprise. With networks like Dragonfish’s Real Money Group, the terms vary quite a lot from their standard procedure, so you should watch out for that.


The bingo world is tending to change as time goes on, as it will continue to do in 2017. Brand new technology like wearable devices and more sophisticated phones will be bound to drive this change.

New bingo sites are always becoming more and more competitive since there are so many of them in the industry. This will probably lead to websites coming up with new kinds of incentives as well as aspects to make them stand out. You will have to be even savvier regarding choosing the top bonuses because of this.

Marie Sloan | 21.05.2021